ACIDD Florida

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Home Life Skills

At ACIDD FLORIDA, we firmly believe that a developmental and/or intellectual disability of an individual shouldn’t interfere with his/her ability to gain certain life skills. Life skills stress training in the activities of daily living, self-advocacy, adaptive and social skills. While it may be a bit challenging for them to acquire and learn new skills, our team is patient and dedicated to providing them with life skill development activities that can enhance their ability to live as independently as possible.

Our Life Skills development program includes training in:

  • Financial and budget management
  • Self-help and daily living skills (e.g. Dressing, washing)
  • Use of assistive devices
  • Use of public transport
  • Home, work, and community safety
  • Social skills, communication, and interaction
  • Safety and problem-solving skills

These are just some of the many life skills that we intend to teach our clients. At ACIDD FLORIDA, we do our best to provide persons with disabilities with an opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge and skills, so that they can live their life as they want to. Got questions about this program? Give us a call at 1-844-ACIDD-US  to speak with one of our representatives.